Our History

 Accessible Signs has been servicing the deaf community in the greater Houston area for over 20 years. Founded in 1980 by Jim Lawrence, Accessible Signs, also known as Sign Language Accessible Interpreters has been a pioneer in leading the deaf community. 

 We provide the most prominent interpreters in the sign language industry. We believe that effective communication is imperative to all individuals to enhance the value of life in all communities. Our interpreters are dedicated each day to handle planned events and emergencies where professional communication is necessary.

  Before the Americans with Disabilities Act was put into law, we’ve been providing sign language. Throughout that time, the main concern for businesses was deafness. Individuals were solely recognized by their impairment and simply referred from one company to the next without proper treatment.

 We work with nationally certified interpreters and have built a network of service providers who are skilled with training and work experience to meet your needs.  Accessible Signs provides interpreting to those in high levels of government and industry, with technicality and precision we interpret for commercial businesses and for those who are less fortunate who may have limited language dialect.

 Accessible Signs is located in Houston, Texas on the 610 loop. In our agency we focus on cost effective management of services and schedule with concern for criterion and privacy. Our mission is to understand how to provide adequate communication for the benefit of the client with excellent service to the consumer. With your calls, Accessible Signs answers with accountability and tenacity.

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